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Wytenteguj Team
Wytenteguj team: Iwona on the left and Kamila on the right.


Nothing gives more satisfaction than doing something yourself. I haven’t even thought about DIY as my hobby, I’ve just done different “projects” when it was needed. Sometimes it’s a disguise for the Masquerade Party in kindergarten. Another time, cutting out the pumpkin and baking the witch’s fingers for Haloween. Or simply organizing holiday souvenirs. Now I decided to share my realizations with you. Let’s go it together!


I have been passionate about DIY since my childhood, and my innate patience and accuracy make the whole process of creation a lot easier for me and that gives me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Being in the first pregnancy, I became interested in sewing. Working on an ordinary, inexpensive machine inherited “inheritance”, I tired up the first insulated blanket for a child. In the second place I started (with success) for shorts, knickers. Looking for materials for the implementation of subsequent sewing ideas, I was overwhelmed by the variety of patterns and colors of fabrics and knits. Since then, I’m buying few clothes for my baby, because I sew most of them. I have recently earned an overlock too and so far I do not know how I could live without it for so long! Sewing posts coming soon, so stay tuned!