Cards with butterflies

Cards with butterflies

Partially intentional, partially as a side effect of the frame with butterflies project. Personalized cards with butterflies for kindergarten employees, who our group wanted to thank for the past year. The cards went to people who are always remembered about, that is, to the Director. As a group, we also wanted to honor those we are often forgotten about, and who also contribute to the growth of our children vaguely in the background. They are: kitchen staff, cloakroom staff, secretary staff, janitor staff and teachers conducting additional classes. I do not know if they will read it here, but I would like to thank them for their daily work 🙂 This was the idea that inspired the butterfly cards, using artifacts which kids produced for teachers.

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The prerequisite for making cards with butteflies is the frame with butterflies project. You can get more details here.

Frame with butterflies for a teacher


  • Butterflies drawn by kids. You can use other kid’s drawings.
  • Words of wishes
  • Kids’ name signatures
  • Colorful cardboard
  • Colorful envelopes
  • Scanner
  • Computer 🙂
  • Printer
  • White paper for the printer
  • Scissors
  • Double-side tape or glue

Making of cards with butterflies

  • Scan the butterflies, wishes and kids’ names.
  • In the graphics program like Paint, prepare a picture with butterflies, with the wish  and with names.
  • Print these 3 pictures in the right size (for me it was in 10x15cm format).Cut the pictures, it is important that it is even, because later on the colored background, the bumps are underlined.
Work in progress
  • Fold the cardboard sheet halfway through.
  • Stick the butterflies on the front of the card and wishes and names inside.
Cards with butterflies
  • Place the card in the colored envelope and sign who it is going to.
Cards with butterflies

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