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Teddy bear rattle – free crochet pattern

I will become an aunt soon 😊 I can’t wait so I started crocheting small gifts for my little nephew. The teddy bear rattle was the first one. The rattling filling of the teddy bear’s>>>

Tangled image out of perler beads

Tangled image out of perler beads

Beads and princesses are the perfect combination, guaranteeing fun and commitment of girls. Staying in a fairy-tale aura, I wanted to create something bigger and more ambitious. Therefore, I’ve decided on the Tangled image in>>>

Rainbow gymnastics ribbon

Rainbow gymnastics ribbon DIY

Together with my kiddos we have just watched the adventures of Dora the Gymnast. The highlight of the program was the rainbow gymnastics ribbon, so my girls really wanted to have such ribbons for themselves.>>>

Hot air balloon – how to crochet and make a garland

I am arranging a room for my little troublemakers πŸ˜‰. Within few days cute wallpaper with forest animals should be delivered. Recently, a beautiful beech bed-house came to us. Looking through Instagram, I noticed that>>>

The crown – about headband sewing for a little boy

You can find lots of headbands for a girl inspirations on the Internet. There are a headbands with a bow, knot headbands, turban headbands… You can discover little choice when searching for a boy’s headbands’>>>

Amigurumi Oliver the bear – free pattern

It seems that the bears have already felt the spring and woke up from their winter dormancy πŸ™‚ at least our Oliver the bear, who has recently moved in to our home. He was made>>>

Cucumber – free crochet vegetable pattern

I’m coming back with crochet vegetables. Today, the cucumber πŸ₯’ with yellow flower is playing the main role πŸ˜‰ I haven’t been here with vegetables for a long time, because I devoted my energy to>>>

Crochet puff stitch beanie

It could be written officially – I’m addicted to beanies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜Š but let me explain something: it’s all about this stitch! As soon as I saw bubble stitch on yt, I immediately wanted to crochet>>>