Paper Christmas tree advent calendar

Paper Christmas tree advent calendar with free printable templates

Every year, the Advent calendar is the first project related to Christmas. For the first time, it is available in a free-standing version, and it consists of 24 paper Christmas tree in various sizes and shades of green. Each of them has a candy or a task inside.

Paper Christmas tree advent calendar

I have to admit that there is a lot of cutting and gluing work to do. To make it a bit easier, I prepared templates for Christmas trees in three sizes. Additionally, in this post you will find calendar numbers ready to download and print.

Supplies for paper Christmas tree advent calendar

  • Christmas tree templates – download below
  • Paper or cardboard – I used 3 shades of green, but white is just as good. It is best to buy cardboard in a large sheet (50x70cm), because then there will be less waste.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or glue – For cardboard, the glue is a little too weak, so you’d better use double-sided tape to save yourself some work and frustration.
  • Paper knife – delicate cuts at the fold make it much easier to work and fold Christmas trees.
  • Numbers – you can buy sticker sets or use our templates.
Supplies for paper Christmas tree advent calendar

Paper Christmas trees templates

I prepared three templates, the first is a regular tetrahedron and the other two are triangular pyramids.

Advent calendar design

When designing the paper Christmas trees advent calendar, we have several options. You can make a color and size mix, i.e. the version I chose (3 shapes, 3 shades of green). On the other side, there is an option with one shape and one color. It all depends on your preferences and available materials. Each version will look cool 🙂

Making of paper Christmas trees

Once you know what colors and sizes you want to choose, you can start working. I used all shapes and 3 sheets of cardboard in 3 shades of green.

Below I have described all the steps, but the fastest way is to work in batches, i.e. perform each step x24.

  1. Start by cutting out the printed templates.
  2. Redraw the template on the cardboard.
  3. Cut (the first shape you cut can be used as a template for subsequent ones, because the cardboard template works much better than).
  4. At the folds, gently cut with a paper knife. This allows the cardboard to fold easily and exactly where it should.
  5. Fold along the cuts.
  6. Apply double-sided tape on the seams. Ideally, it would be the entire length of the pleat. I was not that precise and where there is no tape there are unsightly gaps.
  7. Put candies or cards with tasks inside.
  8. Glue the Christmas trees together starting from one side. The other two have to be glued together almost simultaneously, because there is no access later.
  9. The last step is sticking the number. You can use ready-made stickers or use our templates 🙂

It takes about 2-3 hours to make 24 paper Christmas trees, but in the end the effect is great 😀

Paper Christmas tree advent calendar
Paper Christmas tree advent calendar

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