Traditional star of paper strips

Paper stars

I remember when I was a kid, I watched my dad making stars out of paper strips. This is Polish Christmas tradition, which I cultivate with care. Every year, I fill in the gaps, because paper stars are not long lasting. I expand the collection with new colors and combinations. I have a star garland, a chain on the Christmas tree, and “falling” stars on the window. Paper stars give many possibilities, they look great individually and in a multi-star arrangement. Strips can be cut from paper or you can buy ready-made strips.

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  • 4 paper strips, colored on both sides
  • Scissors
Paper stripes and scissors

Making of paper star

For the purposes of this tutorial, I chose 4 stripes of different colors to make it easier to follow the moves.
In the initial step, cut the ends of the strips, this will facilitate later work of “pushing” the strips.

Cutting the ends of paper stripes

Let’s get started!

1. Bend each strip in half.

2. Drag the stripes one through the other creating a chessboard.

3. Turn the chessboard to the other side.

Turn the checkerboard to the other side

4. Pass the top stripe through the neighbor on the left, then bend. Perform four times for each side.

Drag the stripe under the adjacent stripe to the left
Repeat for all bars

5. Now take the strap on the top right and bend it underneath to form a triangle. Then bend again to form a second symmetrical triangle. Finally fold the triangles to the left side and pull the paper strip under the strip in the upper right corner of the chessboard. Repeat for the remaining 3 corners.

5. Turn the chessboard with 4 triangles to the other side on more time.

Flip the side

6. Repeat the previous step with the corners bent for the remaining strips.

Repeat the creation of triangles for the 4 stripes on this side

7. Now the coolest part, i.e. creating 3D cones. I started with the yellow strip on the right. Wrap it to the left so that a cone forms, and the yellow strip goes under the green. You can bend green to make it easier to insert yellow. Tighten to form a nice standing cone.

8. Repeat for the remaining bars on both sides of the star.

9. Finally cut off the protruding strips and the paper star is ready.

Traditional star of paper strips
Traditional star of paper strips

You can add a pendant to it by making a hole in one of triangles. Similarly, you can combine stars into a chain or garland.

If you’re looking for more ideas for Christmas decorations, you’ll find them in the Christmas section.

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