Cinnamon stick ornament in Scandinavian style

Cinnamon sticks ornament in Scandinavian style

Minimalism and natural materials are the essence of the Scandinavian style. All you can find in this cinnamon sticks ornament made out of cinnamon sticks, several raw wooden beads and baker’s twine. An additional advantage of this ornament is the distinctive aroma of cinnamon, which brings the magic of Christmas. Geometric shapes will also satisfy fans of modern style. So many dimensions in single cinnamon sticks ornament 🙂

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  • 12 cinnamon sticks – it is important that the hole inside is visible and you can pull the baker’s twine through it
  • Wooden beads – several are needed in any shape
  • Baker’s twine or any other natural twine
  • Skewer stick – optional, I used to thread the sticks like a tailor’s needle
  • Scissors
Supplies for cinnamon ornament

Making of the cinnamon sticks ornamanet

You can make such an ornament in many shapes. I decided to go for the octahedron.

Start by preparing the middle part, i.e. the square. For threading, I used a skewer stick that imitated the needle. Make a knot at the end of the twine and put it on the tip of the stick. Then simply thread 4 cinnamon sticks on the twine and finish with a knot.

Threading cinnamon sticks
Threading cinnamon sticks
The square-shaped central part of the cinnamon ornament with 4 cinnamon sticks

Then prepare 2 bits of twine, quite long because they will run from the bottom to the very top and finally they will form a pendant. Tie the twine in half, this will be the bottom point of the ornament.

Preparation of the bottom part ie joining two parts of twine

After binding, there are 4 strings. Thread a cinnamon stick on each of them.

Preparation of the bottom part - threading the sticks

Then, at the ends of the sticks, tie the corners of the cinnamon square from the first step. Do not leave slack and tie decent knots, it will make your work easier later.

Combining two parts
Combining two parts

Now you have the lower and middle part. It remains to apply another 4 cinnamon sticks to 4 strings tied to the corners.

Combining two parts
Cinnamon ornament in progress
Cinnamon ornament in progress

Finally, thread the wooden beads and form a pendant.

Cinnamon ornament in progress
Cinnamon ornament in Scandinavian style

The cinnamon stick decoration is ready.

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