How to make wooden board with dried flowers

How to make wooden board with dried flowers

The inspiration for wooden board with dried flowers has been around for some time, but I never had a good board at hand. Until now, when among the wooden discs we also got two plywood rectangles. A board with dried flowers is a minimalist and at the same time effective natural decoration. Once you mentally overcome the drilling barrier, it is very simple to make.

We still had some dried flowers from a previous project (a felt vase with dried flowers). Additionally, we collected some grass and wild flowers and dried them upside down.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Deska z suszonymi kwiatami

Plank with dried flowers

You will need

  • Dried flowers and grasses
  • Board
  • Drill. The size of the drill depends on the thickness of the flower stems. Ours ranged from 2 to 4 mm. I managed with a 3 mm drill, as described below.
  • Universal glue
Supplies for Flower board

How to make a board with dried flowers

The first step is to prepare the board, or rather the holes in the board. To minimize drill changes, I drilled everything with a 3mm drill. If the stems were larger, I cut the ends with scissors. If they were smaller, I “sealed” them with glue.

I put a drop of glue in each hole and then the children put flowers.

Wooden board with dried flowers

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