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Pumpkin lanterns

Pumpkin lanterns not only for Halloween

2020 is a crazy year, when nothing goes as it should. We didn’t manage to curve Halloween pumpkins. That is why we chose completely different patterns and created pumpkin lanterns with polka dots and stars.>>>

Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess

Pumpkin tutu costume for Halloween

In the kindergarten there is the pumpkin festival coming, hence I started the “Pumpkin tutu costume” project immediately. Nothing adds more splendor to a costume than a tutu skirt, which is why I use it>>>

Witch’s fingers for Halloween

The witch’s fingers always make you smile because they look quite realistic, especially yellowish nails 🙂 They are traditionally butter in taste, which makes them perfect for every Halloween party. If you want to be>>>

Pumpkin curving – how to start

Halloween is coming, so it’s high time to plan your pumpkin curving. It’s a great family activity that you can do together with your kids. It’s gaining on popularity in Poland, however Poles still stick>>>