Month: November 2022

How to make mini stocking advent calendar

How to make mini stocking advent calendar

Mini stocking advent calendar 🎅🧦 is a collective work of the whole class. It would take a long time for one person to do this while 25 second graders managed to complete the task in>>>

Egg carton Christmas bells

How to make egg carton Christmas bells

Egg carton Christmas bells are our second Christmas egg carton project, the first was Santa 🎅. The bells are shinier because we used glitter, crystals and sequins to decorate them. It’s hard to believe that>>>

Paper strips Christmas card

How to make paper strips Christmas card

Paper strips Christmas card is very easy to make and looks great even on white paper. What’s more, it can also be made of paper strips cut out from glossy magazines, which during the holiday>>>

DIY Advent Calendar ideas

In this post you will find DIY advent calendar ideas along with instructions on how to make such a calendar yourself. In addition, we have numbers for the advent calendar and advent calendar activities for>>>

Plasticine portrait of Marie Sklodowska-Curie

How to make a plasticine portrait

Today we present a picture made of plasticine, and more precisely a plasticine portrait of Marie Sklodowska-Curie. The portrait is made of hundreds of thin plasticine rolls. The work is in A3 format and took>>>

autumn algorithms for preschoolers

Autumn algorithms for preschoolers

The first steps in the learning of algorithms can be made in kindergarten. Kids can develop skills of logical thinking and constructing algorithms via games. Our autumn algorithms are suitable for children from 4 to>>>