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My summer holidays

My summer holidays – free download

With with first day at school I have an activity My summer holidays 📜☀️😎. In specially prepared frames you can write or draw your best holiday memory 🏕, favorite summer delicacy, funniest joke heard this>>>

Painting rocks

Painted rocks – how to start

I started painting stones together with my daughters 2 years ago. Our beginnings were timid, the paintings were very simple and black and white. It’s a bit like prehistory from the Stone Age 🦕🦖🪨. I>>>

Treasure map

Treasure map – free download

The previous post with methods for aging paper was a prelude to the treasure map 📜🤩 The treasure map is available for download below 🗺🧭😁 Polska wersja: Mapa skarbów Treasure map – free download How>>>

How to make button art

How to make button art

This is our second button project, the first was a big red heart for Valentine’s Day. This time we had a lot of black buttons at our disposal, so we decided on monochrome designs with>>>

Diamond painting - how to start

How to start with diamond painting?

Our adventure with diamond painting began with a gift. We got two patterns, a dog smeared with paint and dolphins against the setting sun, and lots of accessories. And so we began to discover how>>>

How to make mini stocking advent calendar

How to make mini stocking advent calendar

Mini stocking advent calendar 🎅🧦 is a collective work of the whole class. It would take a long time for one person to do this while 25 second graders managed to complete the task in>>>