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How to make Raya and the Last Dragon costume

How to make Raya and the Last Dragon costume

This year, my daughter delayed the costume decision until the last minute. When the day before the carnival ball we went shopping for Maribel’s outfit from Magic Encanto, it turned out that there is no>>>

recycled paper dress costume

How to make a recycled paper dress?

On Earth Day, my daughter needed eco-clothing for the kindergarten event. This is how our recycled paper dress was created :). Additionally, we made a flower from a plastic bottle. Polska wersja: Sukienka z papieru,>>>

Skye costume for carnival ball in kindergarten

A carnival ball in kindergarten is a great event for small kids. Often, long before the ball, they ask their parents when it will take place. Kids love costumes. In our kindergarten, each group is>>>

diy paper masquerade mask

How to make a paper masquerade mask?

The hero of today’s post is a paper masquerade mask with color feathers, pearls, diamonds and glitter. There was supposed to be one for a competition at school, but the younger daughter quickly found out>>>

How to make witch tutu costume

How to make witch tutu costume

I love tutu skirts, hence I always look forward to an opportunity to create a new tutu costume. It was no different this time when there was an opportunity to make the witch tutu costume>>>

Squirrel tutu costume

How to make a squirrel tutu costume?

We are in the carnival season, so I started to make new costumes for my girls. This time I came up with an idea for a squirrel tutu costume. I have to admit I took>>>

Tutu costume ideas

How to make a tutu costume?

The carnival season is in full swing, so we throw in our ideas for the tutu costume. In costumes for girls, the tutu skirt works great, and the outfit looks extremely effective. Additionally, it is>>>

Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess

Pumpkin tutu costume for Halloween

In the kindergarten there is the pumpkin festival coming, hence I started the “Pumpkin tutu costume” project immediately. Nothing adds more splendor to a costume than a tutu skirt, which is why I use it>>>

Ghost tutu costume

Cute ghost tutu costume

Easy to make cute ghost costume based on a tutu skirt. This ghost costume is perfect for a little girl for a Halloween party. If you want to be up-to-date with our newest posts about>>>

Ready mermaid costume

Mermaid tutu dress

The first main role. Children’s song contest in kindergarten. There must be a beautiful outfit. Have you been there? If you have a daughter, when preparing any costume, always have a tutu skirt at the>>>