Month: January 2022

Birthday card with pom poms

How to make a birthday card with pom poms?

I really like making birthday cards, I also love pom poms. This combination resulted in a fancy birthday card with pom poms forming a bunch of balloons. I love it and I encourage you to>>>

Delicious Oreo cake pops

How to make no bake Oreo cake pops?

Children love them, adults love them too, but they hide them from children because they are a sugar bomb. Oreo cake pops are the easiest version with a guarantee of taste, super sweet taste 🤩.>>>

diy paper masquerade mask

How to make a paper masquerade mask?

The hero of today’s post is a paper masquerade mask with color feathers, pearls, diamonds and glitter. There was supposed to be one for a competition at school, but the younger daughter quickly found out>>>

Carnation popcorn bouquet for a movie theme party

Carnation popcorn bouquet for a movie theme party

For a movie theme wedding, apart from popcorn place holders, I have also prepared floral arrangements. Carnation popcorn bouquet is nothing more than a glass placed in a popcorn box, filled with carnations. It does>>>

crochet unicorn

Crochet unicorn with rainbow mane

This is the last animal from my favorite pattern. If you remember the zebra and the horse, you may have guessed what this pattern is 🙂 If not, detailed information can be found in this>>>