My summer holidays

My summer holidays – free download

With with first day at school I have an activity My summer holidays 📜☀️😎. In specially prepared frames you can write or draw your best holiday memory 🏕, favorite summer delicacy, funniest joke heard this summer 😂, holiday hobby ⛳️, beloved place 🏖 and holiday curiosity 🧐.

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My summer holidays – free download

2023 summer holidays looked like this 🙂

The best memory is snorkling on a coral reef with lots of colorful fish🐟🐠🐡🪸.

As my favorite summer snack, I instinctively drew ice cream, but in fact, I like blueberries the most 🫐😍

The joke is so much more work than holiday, but heard this summer, so I guess it counts 😂😂😂

The director is looking for a 20-year-old secretary with 30 years of experience 🤣

My holiday hobby is beach volleyball, but I also like painting rocks. I love painting rocks :). By the way, here are some practical tips on how to do it.

I had the biggest problem with my beloved place. I finally decided to go with the Baltic Sea, and in particular the sunset over the Baltic Sea. Since childhood, this is a magical moment for me as the sun hides in the sea 🌅.

The last window is a holiday curiosity. Well, when I was flying to Egypt this year, I told the children that we were going to Africa. Because Egypt was in Africa. It was only when I got there that I realized that the Sinai Peninsula is in fact in Asia. Africa still has to wait a while for us 🌍.

My summer holidays 2023

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