Painting rocks

Painted rocks – how to start

I started painting stones together with my daughters 2 years ago. Our beginnings were timid, the paintings were very simple and black and white. It’s a bit like prehistory from the Stone Age 🦕🦖🪨. I used only white and black waterproof marker. I left the painted pebbles here and there, not even knowing that there was a game of #kamyczki (which means pebbles in Polish).

🇵🇱 Polish version: Malowanie kamieni

Facebook group #kamyczki

Later, I found a Polish group on Facebook #kamyczki and entered the world of painted rocks. Unfortunatelly I don’t know if there are similar groups for other countries.

There are several options to join the game #kamyczki.

  • You can look for pebbles and take them on a further journey around Poland and the world.
  • You can also start painting pebbles and toss them around while traveling. Such a painted pebble should be signed with your zip code and #pebbles tag. Then all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed that the pebble will be found and the finder will show off on the group 😁
  • Of course, you can also combine the previous options and both paint and search.

Painted rocks – how to start?

As I mentioned, you don’t need much at the beginning, just a waterproof marker and you can start painting. We painted a whole herd of whales with these markers last year. One even surfaced on Facebook.

Of course, the appetite comes with eating and in my case the next step was and still are acrylic markers. They have many advantages and work well even for my artistically talented people. They are also perfect for children. We use them with our daughters and for now we do not plan to change.

The last stage of development are acrylic paints and it seems to me that I will never get to this phase, because I am a weak artist 😁. However, if you are good with brush, it’s worth trying painting on stones, because I’ve seen that beautiful works are often created 🤩.

Finally, it is worth protecting the painting with acrylic varnish. We often forget to take it with us on a trip and leave saute pebbles, hoping that the rain will not wash off the acrylic paint.

Stone painting – where to look for inspiration

You can look for inspiration for painting stones:

  • on the aforementioned FB group #kamyczki. Many people boast about their work there and the pebbles found are also presented, so you can get inspired.
  • on Pinterest – I recommend searching for ‘painted rocks’, then a lot of different ideas will pop up
  • similarly you can search on Google.

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