Newborn knot hat

Today I realized, that all of the newborn hats I have are for girls, and there is a baby boy in my belly. A few days left to the due date, so the matter is urgent 🙂 Luckily I found very interesting and free sewing pattern for newborn knot hat. Pattern preparation and sewing took me less than half an hour.

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You’ll need

How to do it?

  • As always at the beginning, print the pattern from the attachment and pin it to the fabric. Firstly cut two pieces of fabric for the top part of the hat (front and back). Secondly cut one piece of fabric for the bottom part of the hat. The fabric should be folded in half (there is a folding line in the pattern). Seam allowance is already added.
  • In the next step fold two pieces of fabrics for the top of the hat, right sides together. Then sew all of the edges except the bottom one. The rectangular piece of fabric fold in half and sew shorter edge.
  • Then turn the top part of the hat right side out. The bottom part of the hat fold on longer edge. Pin it to the top part. One of the seams from the top part shall coincides with seam from the bottom part of the hat.
  • Sew edges and fold out the bottom part of the hat.
  • At the end tie a knot and partially roll up the bottom. And we’re done! 🙂

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