Pumpkin mandala - Decorating pumpkins with markers and crystals

Pumpkin mandala – decorating pumpkin with markers and crystals

A pumpkin mandala involves painting pumpkins creating intricate patterns. This is a perfect idea for people who don’t like carving pumpkins or digging into its insides 😅. This is my first time painting a pumpkin with markers and I thought it would be similar to painting stones. However, it turned out to be more difficult because the pumpkin cannot be painted flat, it is slippery and uneven. Therefore, guiding the marker must be more precise, and at the same time it is impossible to rest your hand.

We have video tutorial to show you how to make a pumpkin mandala

You will need

  • Pumpkin – I bought small white pumpkins to start with. We’ll try something bigger soon 🙂
  • Acrylic markers or paints – I used acrylic markers, the same ones I use to paint stones.
  • Self-adhesive crystals – optional, but it’s worth using them because they add chic to the pumpkins 🤩
Supplies to decorate a pumpkin

Decorating pumpkins with markers and crystals

It’s a good idea to start by drawing a few test patterns on a piece of paper. To see how the pattern turns out and what you like 😁. It took me a while to find my perfect pattern.

The next step is painting the pumpkin. Try to stabilize your hand and guide the marker evenly. It is not easy because the pumpkin cannot be painted flat, and it is also slippery and uneven.

The last phase is attaching the crystals that do not want to stick to the pumpkin at all, so it requires perseverance 🙈.

Pumpkin mandala – decorating pumpkins with markers

We made pumpkin mandalas together with our daughters, aged 6 and 9, each of us chose a different design and a different color 🙂

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