Clay ornament with gold details

Xmas clay ornaments

After Paw Patrol clay ornaments it was time for the adult version. Xmas clay ornaments with gold details were partly an experiment with patterns, partly experience with supplies for finishing decorations. Many things went into motion, starting from a pine branch, through skirts with embroidery, sweaters, bubble wrap, ending with a spiky pillow for exercises.

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  • Self-hardening clay
  • Items with different textures, e.g. pine branches, embroidery material, sweaters, something spiky
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking paper
  • Paw Patrol pasta
  • Cookies forms
  • Straw
  • Water-based nail polish, poster paints or markers
  • Small brush
  • Twine
  • Scissors
Supplies for clay ornaments with gold pattern

Making of Xmas clay ornaments

Making clay ornaments is very similar to making cookies. Roll out the clay into a half-centimeter thick plate. Better a little less than more. However, less than 3mm is not enough and ornaments break easily.

Rolling out the clay

The next step is to prepare the pattern, here you are limited only by resources at home and imagination. I encourage you to experiment 🙂 In my opinion, the best designs come out of embroidered or crocheted items. Now I regret that there are not many of them at home.

I used: embroidered material, pine needles, bubble wrap, sweater, leaf pendant, chain, spiky pillow.

Then cut out the shape with a cookie cutter. In each ornament make a hole with a straw. Dried clay is breaking easily, so do not make the hole to close to the edge.

Put all decorations in a safe place for about 24 hours, allowing them to dry completely.

Clay ornaments prepared for drying

The next day you can start painting. I used several techniques: I painted with water nail polish, markers and paints. All methods are good, each gives a slightly different effect. However, I do not recommend regular nail polish due to the very intense chemical smell. The saute ornaments look very nice as well.

Supplies to paint clay ornaments
Painting with gold acrylic paint

Here is an example of Christmas trees, where the first is natural, the second is gold, and the third one first colored with green marker and then with gold paint. Which one is the most beautiful?

Clay ornament with gold details

Natural clay ornaments

Clay ornament with gold details

Clay ornaments with gold details

Clay ornament with gold details

Painted with water nail polish

Clay ornament painted with water nail polish

Paw Patrol clay ornaments

Paw patrol clay ornaments

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