Paw patrol clay ornaments

Paw Patrol clay ornaments

Paw Patrol clay ornaments are a real treat for young fans of the cartoon. Kids not only practice fingers and small motor skills by kneading and rolling clay. But most importantly for them, they decorate their works with Paw Patrol motives. Skye, Chase, dog’s paw and bone are shapes that are guaranteed by the pasta maker, and dry and hard pasta is great for molding in clay.

Self-hardening clay is a very grateful material. It is pleasant to model, neutral in smell and easy to shape. A bit dirty, but you can easily wash it off with water. It dries itself after about 24 hours.

“PAW Patrol is on a roll!”

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  • Self-hardening clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking paper
  • Paw Patrol pasta
  • Cookies forms
  • Straw
  • Water-based nail polish, poster paints or markers
  • Twine
  • Scissors
Supplies for paw patrol clay ornaments

Making of Paw Patrol clay ornaments

“No job is too big, no pup is too small!”

Making clay ornaments is very similar to making cookies. My two-year-old initially asked “yum, yum?”

Roll out the clay into a half-centimeter thick plate. Better a little less than more. However, less than 3mm is not enough and ornaments break easily.

You can safely leave the rolling to the child and only help in the final phase by watching the right thickness.

Rolling out the clay

The next step depends on the idea for decorations. You can either cut out the shape first and then decorate with paw patrol motifs. Or start by preparing the pattern and then cut the shape. The second method allows you to get the effect of the “cut” pattern.

Bones pattern
Christmas tree with bones
Heart with Skye badge symbol
Chase's star
Paws on a clay

In each ornament make a hole with a straw. Dried clay is breaking easily, so do not make the hole to close to the edge.

Making a hole in the clay ornament

Put all decorations in a safe place for about 24 hours, allowing them to dry completely.

Clay ornaments prepared for drying

The next day you can start painting. My kids used several techniques: they painted with water nail varnishes, markers and paints. All methods are good, each gives a slightly different effect. For sure it is nice to finish with water shimmer varnish, then the decoration shimmers nicely. However, I do not recommend regular nail polish due to the very intense chemical smell, which it is not good for the kids.

Supplies to paint clay ornaments
Painting clay decorations with water nail polish
Coloring clay decorations with marker

After drying, mount the string pendant. The decorations are ready to hang on the Christmas tree!

“PAW Patrol is on a roll!”

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