Birthday confetti cake with rainbow-colored sprinkles

September is our birthday month 😊 Right at the beginning, we celebrated Victoria’s 3rd birthday. As always, the most important part was fulfilled by the cake. This time it was confetti cake.

This year the birthday girl had quite specific requirements regarding its appearance 🎂 Viktoria is a faithful fan of colorful sprinkles. I did a research within the Internet and found very simple but time-consuming recipe for a confetti cake. I didn’t have time for decorating it the way I wanted. Children headed by the birthday girl, couldn’t wait to consume it 😂. Anyway, if you’re looking for a recipe for a colorful cake (also inside), I highly recommend it. In today’s post I will summarize what will be needed and how to make such a cake. Finally, I will also give you an idea for a nice gift for a three-year-old. This is a toy that is perfect for toddlers of this age as it is great for role playing. The post is not the sponsored one and I hope you’ll read it with pleasure 😊

Confetti cake with decorations

What you’ll need to bake confetti cake?

  • The recipe, that I found on (unfortunately for polish speaking readers or you can use google translation)
  • Three baking mold with a diameter of 20 cm (I used a mold with a diameter of 26 cm to make the cake thiner)
  • Lemon or tea to soak the cake
Confetti cake - final appearance

Confetti cake preparation


The recipe from the mentioned side applies only to one top. We need three pieces for the whole cake. It is worth to buy special aluminum baking molds to save time.

First, I whipped the butter and sugar. Then I added the eggs mixing after each. After adding lemon juice, the dough looked slightly watered down, but this did not affect the final appearance of the cake.

In the next step, I sifted the flour and mixed everything with a spatula. After adding the sprinkles I mixed quickly to avoid sprinkles dissolving.

I put the dough into a baking mold greased with butter and sprinkled with semolina.

I baked the cake in 170 Celsius degrees to a dry stick. Set the time to 30 minutes and check from time to time. Particular pieces of the cake sould be cooled down before soaking each of them with lemon water.


First, I mixed the cold whipping cream with the mascarpone cheese to obtain a thick cream. I didn’t add sugar to it, only the juice of half a lemon.

Then I spread cream on each piece of the cake, stacking one on another.

Finally, I decorated the cake with cream and sprinkles. I know that it’s not a work of art, but the birthday girl was in heaven 🙂

Confetti cake - colorful sprinkles
Confetti cake - birthday girl

As promised, I’ll give you an idea for a birthday (but not only) gift for a three-year-old 🙂 I highly recommend a wooden ice cream shop from Melissa & Doug. It’s a hit! Each of our days begins with a visit to an ice cream parlor, especially since the autumn weather doesn’t allow for eating real ice cream. The 1,5-year-old boy is also fascinated 🙂

Confetti cake - gift idea

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