Painted polka dots wall DIY

How to make painted polka dots wall?

Last months were the time of renovation madness. A painted polka dots wall is a cheap and easy-to-make alternative to wallpaper. You can juggle with the colors and size of the dots to meet the expectations of even the most demanding young customers 🙂 All you need is a sponge brush and color paint. After two layers the painted polka dots wall is ready.

Painting polka dots on a wall


  • Round sponge brush – you can buy at a stationery store. I used a brush with a diameter of 40mm
  • Color paint
  • Ladder – can come in handy if you plan to paint high
  • Cardboard or foil – to protect the floor
Supplies for painted polka dots wall DIY

Euphoria, doubt and acceptance

At the beginning there was euphoria that it would be enough to buy brushes and the polka dots wall would be created. Then I did a trial series and was very disappointed. Dots came out uneven and air bubbles formed. I have already started to think about other solutions, but I have made a second attempt. After applying another layer, it turned out that the dots are even, and the bubbles dry up and are hardly visible.

Trial dots painting

How to make painted polka dots wall?

Start by preparing the wall you will operate on. Mine were painted with plain white paint.

  1. Scoop the paint onto a sponge and rub the excess against the edge of the paint box.
  2. Choose a spot, apply the sponge and twist.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Apply a second coat by repeating steps 1-3.
  5. Painted polka dots wall is ready 🙂

Two bedrooms withe two color versions, which one better meets your expectations?

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