Kitkat birthday cake with berries

How to make a KitKat birthday cake with berries

From time to time, together with kids we bake cakes for their birthdays 🙂 We always follow a proven recipe for a strawberry cake and experiment with decorations. This time we made a KitKat birthday cake with berries.

Since this year we have a Thermomix and we use the basic birthday cake recipe.

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Super tasty strawberry cake is the perfect base for a KitKat birthday cake

My cake consists of 3 layers: sponge cake, strawberry cream and strawberry jelly. In my opinion, the jelly is a must-have, because kids love it.  This time I used the basic recipe for a Thermomix cake, for which I used a 24 cm form, which is larger than in the recipe. I wanted the baked sponge cake to be lower and could be cut into 3 tops.

Kitkat birthday cake with berries

How to make a KitKat birthday with berries


  • KitKat bars – the number of bars depends on the size of the cake. We used 12 bars for a cake with a diameter of 24 cm
  • Berries – the composition with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries looks the prettiest
  • Ribbon – the palisade from KitKat bars likes to fall off, so tie the cake with a ribbon

KitKat palisade and berries top

Separate the KitKat wafers and put them around the cake. I ran out of cream, so I covered the cake with wafers without first applying cream on the sides. I admit that this made it hard to keep bars standing and some of them would drop out. Placing the cream layer sideways should help. However, regardless of this, it is worth tying the chocolate palisade with a ribbon, which not only holds the wafers, but also gives them charm.

After covering the cake with wafers, you can proceed to make the top. I used strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The strawberries were whole, cut into quarters and halves. I left stalks in all of them, because they add one more color 🙂

KitKat birthday cake with berries

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