Mini yarn hats

How to make a mini yarn hat – great for winter and Christmas ornaments

Mini yarn hats are extremely charming and easy to make winter gadgets. They will work well as stand-alone Christmas tree ornaments, additions to other Christmas tree decorations or elements of winter projects ❄️☃️🎄.

Mini yarn hats are made from a piece of paper roll and yarn. This is also a nice option for using leftover yarns 🧶🧶🧶.

Polska wersja: Mini czapeczki z włóczki

You will need

  • Yarn – almost any yarn will be good, except for the super thick one 😉
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors

How to make mini yarn hats

🧶 The first step is cutting the yarn. You need 20 cm pieces, so the fastest way to make them is to wind the yarn on a 10 cm cardboard. I used 36 sections for my hat, so it takes 36 wraps on the cardboard. Then cut the wound yarn on one side of the cardboard.

🧶 The next step is to prepare the base of the hat, i.e. a 1.5 cm piece of toilet paper roll.

🧶 Now you can start making the hat. Fold the piece of yarn in half. Pass it through the roll and pull the ends through the middle of the loop. Then tighten the yarn and align it on the roll.

🧶 In this way, you should fill the entire roll with subsequent pieces of yarn.

🧶 When the entire roll is full, transfer the ends of the yarn to the other side of the roll. You can also leave it on the same side, it depends on which version you like better.

🧶 Now you need to tie it approximately in the middle, creating a pom pom for the hat.

🧶 The last step is to form a nice pom pom by trimming the protruding fluff 😁.

Mini yarn hats

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