Weselna piniata

How to make a wedding pinata

A cake pinata joins our pinata collection. This is a wedding pinata that the newlyweds had to deal with during the wedding ceremony. Inside there were traditional candies and some gadgets for bride and groom 🙂

Polska wersja: Weselna piniata

What materials do you need to make a pinata?

  • Cardboard – for the cake pinata, you will need to bend the cardboard a little here and there
  • White tissue paper
  • Paper tape
  • Paper glue
  • Rope
  • Adhesive tape to strengthen the rope attachment
  • Scissors

How to make a wedding pinata?

To make a pinata, start by preparing a shape from cardboard. The wedding pinata is in the form of a three-layer cake, so you need to prepare two discs the size of each layer. Then cut rectangular cardboards for the sides of the cake. Assemble the cylinders by gluing the sides to the discs with painter’s tape.

Our pinata turned out to be super durable and the bride and groom had trouble destroying it ;). So I recommend using a little less tape 🙂

Then, a rope should be attached to the top layer. It is best to strengthen the holes with adhesive tape so that the rope does not tear the cardboard.

The next step is to decorate the pinata with color tissue paper.

  • Cut about 6 cm from a roll of tissue paper
  • Unfold the top layer so that a flat stack of several layers of paper is created
  • Cut at the edges leaving about 1.5 cm uncut
  • Then cut the tissue paper along the entire length
  • Finally, unfold the paper strip

Cover the entire cardboard box with the prepared strips of tissue paper. Glue the strips every 1-2 cm, first in the front and sides, and then on the back.

The wedding pinata is ready

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