How to make a paper boat and a paper boat garland

How to make a paper boat for paper boat garland

I wanted to show children how to make a paper boat ⛵️ and we got so into it that we produced over 20 paper boats 🙃. That’s why in the next step we made a paper boat garland ⛵️⛵️⛵️😁. It’s fun and terrific summer decoration 🤩. I strongly recommend to try it yourself 😊.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Jak zrobić łódkę z papieru

You will need (for a garland)

  • Paper – it can be a plain white sheet from the printer. I additionally used patterned paper.
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
  • Needle
  • Stick
Supplies for paper boat garland

How to make a paper boat?

The boat is made of a rectangular piece of paper in the proportions of an A4 sheet. Our boats are made of 1/4 A4 sheet. You can tear the paper, because the sides are not visible in the finished boat.

To make a paper boat:

  1. Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half vertically and then horizontally.
  2. Fold the top corners inwards
  3. Fold the bottom strips up and fold the edges to fit the triangle.
  4. Now the first trick: put your hand inside and spread the triangle to the sides. Fold to form a rhombus.
  5. Fold the bottom corners of the rhombus up again to form a triangle.
  6. Now the second trick: you look inside again and unfold it to the sides creating another, smaller rhombus.
  7. And the last move. Grab the tops of the triangles and unfold them to the sides.
How to make a paper boat

How to make a paper boat garland

To make a garland you will need a needle, fishing line and of course lots of paper boats.

  1. Thread the fishing line onto the needle and tie a knot at the end of the fishing line
  2. Pierce the tip of the boat’s mast with the needle and pull the boat up to the knot
  3. Tie another knot and assemble another boat. My boats are every 10-12cm, it depends on how the knots were tied 😛
  4. Prepare some boat chains and mount them on a stick.

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