Coded Barbie images – silhouette and logo

Here comes another portion of coded images. As this is the Barbie season I prepared coded Barbie images. In other posts there are available coded princesses, super heroes and spring flowers available, you can find the link at the bottom of this post.

I prepared 2 cards with coded Barbie images in 2 versions of difficulty, so that every child could have a version adapted to his or her needs. Coloring by numbers is easier, while drawing by coordinates is more difficult. Each version has a silhouette and Barbie logo.

1. Coloring by numbers

The rules for decoding the image are simple. Each number in the picture has a color assigned in the legend. The squares must be filled with the color corresponding to the given number.

Coded Barbie images - coloring by numbers

2. Drawing by coordinates

The rules for decoding the image are simple, however making the whole picture requires attention and focus. The legend at the bottom of the page shows where to use each color on the grid.

When finished, the decoded image can be used as a pattern for Hama beads creations.

Coded Barbie images - coloring by coordinates

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