diy paper masquerade mask

How to make a paper masquerade mask?

The hero of today’s post is a paper masquerade mask with color feathers, pearls, diamonds and glitter. There was supposed to be one for a competition at school, but the younger daughter quickly found out that she wanted to do it too. The masks are easy to make and kids can make them themselves. A little help may only be needed with cutting out the eye holes.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Maska karnawałowa z kolorowymi piórkami – szablony do pobrania

You will need:

  • Color thick paper – I used one of 270 dsm (g/m2).
  • Colored feathers – I used them for the first time and they are really great 🙂
  • Self-adhesive crystals and pearls – the large crystal in the center of the mask is great, so it’s worth buying.
  • Glue glitter – I like glue glitter, because by using it I can avoid glitter squeezing into every corner of the house 😉
  • Glue – necessary to stick feathers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Mask Template – you can download our templates below.
Supplies for making paper masquerade masks

Paper masquerade mask – printable templates

I prepared 3 templates: a simple mask, a mask with a decoration on one side, a mask with a decoration in the middle. My girls chose the latter and it was great 😍

masquerade masks templates

How to make a paper masquerade mask?

Making of the mask can be divided into 2 stages. The first one, which is usually the same for all paper masks types, is the preparation of a paper base. Print and cut out the template, then draw it on colored technical paper and cut it out again.

How to make a paper masquerade mask

The second part is as creative as possible and every idea is a good one. We had color feathers at our disposal, so we focused on them. My girls did as follows:

  • Glue the feathers to the center of the mask.
  • Add a large crystal in the center.
  • Decorate the area around the eyes with small crystals and pearls.
  • Smear the glue glitter all over the mask.

Our masks are ready 🙂

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