Hama bead earrings, clips and bracelet

How to make Hama bead earrings, bracelet and clips

Today I am giving you an idea for handmade jewelry perfectly matching the color of the dress. It is easy and cheap if you use Hama beads. In this post, I will show you how to make a Hama bead bracelet and earrings. In addition, I made clips for the girls. Actually, my daughters made them themselves, and I just installed on the clip base 😁

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Bransoletka, klipsy i kolczyki z koralików Hama


  • Hama beads
  • Earwires for earrings – I bought a set of 10 silver earwires 19x19mm with a ball
  • Silver links to connect elements – I bought 5mm, which was a bit too small, I suggest a little bigger. They will definitely be available in the same store as the earwires.
  • Moulin – for the tassels
  • Memory wire – to make a bracelet. It should be available in the same store as the rest of the jewelry subproduct.
  • Clip base – they will be needed if you plan to make clips
  • Wire bending pliers – I borrowed from my husband’s car tool kit 😉

How to make Hama bead earrings

The first step is to choose the colors and design the earrings. My striped dress is in the colors black, navy blue, pink, mustard and white, so I were choosing from these colors. Initially, I was thinking of the semi-circular earrings and a few tassels. But in the end I opted for the square with a single tassel.

The next step is arranging and ironing the beads.

To make a tassel, wind the moulin around your fingers, tie it at one end, cut the loops at the other end, and brush it out.

The last step is to connect all the elements with metal eyelets.

How to make a Hama bead bracelet

Making a memory wire bracelet is a super simple matter. Just bend the end of the wire to keep the beads from falling off, then thread the beads and fold the wire loop again.

How to make Hama bead clips

Clips are made similar to earrings. I made clips for children, so they were tiny flowers. The girls chose the colors and arranged the beads themselves. The older one chose gold with a black center, and the younger one multi color 🤩

This is how the Hama bracelet, clips and earrings look like.

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