How to make mini stocking advent calendar

How to make mini stocking advent calendar

Mini stocking advent calendar 🎅🧦 is a collective work of the whole class. It would take a long time for one person to do this while 25 second graders managed to complete the task in one lesson. Kids had to sew the felt sock on the edge 🪡🧵 and then add winter applications ❄️☃️⭐️.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Kalendarz adwentowy ze skarpetami Mikołaja do zawieszenia

How to make mini stocking advent calendar

You will need

  • Color felt – I bought soft felt, 2 mm thick, in 30 x 40 cm sheets. One piece is enough for 2 stockings, so 12 sheets are needed for 24 stockings. The top part can be made from leftover sock shapes, so you don’t need to buy extra pieces.
  • Winter applications – we used stars, snowflakes, bells and snowmen. Accessories can also be made from leftover felt, from which you can cut out stars, Christmas trees, circles and stripes and use them to decorate stockings.
  • Mouline thread and needles
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Punch – a hanger can be sewn on to mount the socks or you can simplify things by making a hole on the back of the stockings with a punch.
  • Twine
  • Sticks
  • Lights
  • Numbers for the advent calendar – as every year, we use our templates available for download here.
  • Sock Template

Preparing materials for the mini stocking advent calendar

The first step is to prepare a pattern, which you can download above.

Next, cut the 30 x 40cm sheet of felt in half, then fold it in half, trace the template and cut out the shape of the stocking.

Sewing Santa’s stockings

Begin with sewing a wide strip on to the top layer. We glued it afterwards, because we had limited time workshops.

It is best to sew the sock with mouline, then a nice pattern is created on the side.

Finally, it’s worth sticking winter decorations that will give each sock a unique character ❄️☃️⭐️🔔.

You can sew a hanger to attach the socks or simplify the matter and make a hole on the back of the sock with a hole punch and pull the string.

Fixing mini stockings on sticks

We decided to create a Christmas tree shape out of sticks tied together with string. Mini stockings are hung on sticks.

The numbers are made using our templates and tied to each mini stocking.

Mini stocking advent calendar

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