How to upcycle old Christmas baubles

How to upcycle old Christmas baubles

We have some old glass baubles that have been in a box for several years. Together with our daughters, we decided to give them a new life. I will show you how to upcycle old Christmas baubles. With the help of acrylic markers and felt accessories, we transformed our old baubles into snowman, dog and kitten baubles. Now they hang proudly on our elegant Christmas tree 🎄🤩.

Polska wersja: Metamorfoza starych bombek

You will need

  • Old glass baubles
  • Black marker or acrylic marker
  • Felt
  • Orange creative wire – for the snowman’s nose, it can also be a nose made of orange felt
  • Scissors
  • Universal glue

How to upcycle old Christmas baubles

🎄The first step is to choose the pattern the bauble should transform into. We went with snowmen, dogs and cats.

🎄Then draw the snowman’s face or the animal’s face with acrylic markers.

🎄Later, prepare the felt elements and stick them to the bauble. I used Magic glue for this.

How to upcycle old Christmas baubles

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