How to make string art with kids

How to make Christmas string art

Christmas string art is my first approach to this technique 🧵🔨, which I have been observing for some time now 🤩. I started with simple patterns with second graders ❄️⭐️🎄, and yet the results are amazing. This Christmas string art can be used as a gift 🎁 or as a Christmas decoration 🎅.

Below you can download Christmas patterns that I prepared for children for the school workshop. We had wooden discs in two sizes: 12cm and 18cm. Our templates are adapted to such disks.

Polska wersja: Świąteczny string art

You will need

  • Mouline – you can also use yarn and cord.
  • Wooden discs
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Nail holder – sometimes there are black nail holders in Ikea furniture sets. I bought these online so that children wouldn’t damage their fingers.
  • Self-adhesive crystals and pearls – this is an optional element, but it is perfect for finishing the work.
  • Template – you can download our templates. We have prepared patterns for circles with a diameter of 14 cm and 22 cm.

Christmas string art templates

Our templates are adapted to wooden discs in two sizes: 12cm and 18cm.

How to make Christmas string art

⭐️ The first step is to cut out the template and nail it. A nail holder is very helpful for children when nailing, as it minimizes the risk of finger injuries. Nails should be nailed in places where the direction changes in the pattern and every 1 cm on straight sections of the pattern.

⭐️ The next step is to braid the threads. Some patterns, such as a snowflake, require precise thread guidance. While in others you can use any pattern of threads to fill a colorful pattern. Depending on the selected template, one color is enough, as in the case of a snowflake or Christmas tree, or two or more colors, as in the case of Santa’s hat.

⭐️ The last step is to finish the work with self-adhesive crystals and pearls. Although optional, it is worth taking this step because the crystals add shine and charm to the work.

Christmas string art

I made Christmas string art with second graders during workshops at school. We started with simple patterns, and yet the effects are amazing ❄️⭐️🎄.

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