Lewis Hamilton fabric doll DIY

Lewis Hamilton doll DIY

The Lewis Hamilton doll DIY is a gift for a young F1 fan whose favorite driver is that from the Mercedes team. This is my next fabric doll from the same pattern, the previous ones are girls and a Harry Potter doll.

Polska wersja: Lalka Lewis Hamilton DIY

Materials needed to make a fabric doll

  • Cotton raw material – this time I dyed the raw material in coffee to better reflect Lewis’s skin tone. I still use the fabric I bought for my first rag (I took advantage of this Allegro offer)
  • Black rubberized fabric – choosing the right material for the F1 suit was one of the biggest challenges when creating this doll. Quite unexpectedly, I received a hairdresser’s apron and that’s what I used to create the torso.
  • Silicone ball to fill the doll
  • Sewing accessories – needle, thread, scissors.
  • Black yarn – for hair
  • Fabric markers – this is a big help when creating facial elements. There is a large selection on Allegro, I bought a set of 10 markers for about PLN 25.
  • Stitch thread – needed to embroider the details of the driver’s overalls
  • Styrofoam egg – perfect for a helmet 🙂
  • Template – I created my own doll pattern. It turns out to be a shapely rag doll 🙂 Just remember to sew the hands diagonally.
  • My pattern for a slim doll.

How to make the Lewis Hamilton doll?

F1 driver doll body

  1. The first step is to print the pattern and trace it on the fabric. I cut the head from coffee-dyed cotton raw material, and the body from rubberized fabric from a hairdresser’s apron.
  2. On the front of the suit, I embroidered (rather awkwardly) elements characteristic of Lewis Hamilton’s suit, i.e. his team sponsors: Mercedes, Petronas, Tommy Hilfiger, UBS.
  3. Then I sewed the head to the body. Then the two resulting parts should be sewn together, leaving a small gap on the side. It allows the stuffing of a doll.
  4. Turn it inside out.
  5. Stuff it with a silicone ball.
  6. Prepare arms: just like when making body, before sewing I embroidered the inscription INEOS. Then I sewed them on the left side, turned them over to the right side and stuffed them with a silicone ball.
  7. Sew the arms diagonally to the torso.
  8. Sew the side of the doll with a blind stitch.
  9. Finally, I made a few accessories for the suit with embroidered numbers and initials.


Lewis Hamilton has characteristic braids that are quite easy to recreate with yarn.

  1. Prepare several sets of 3 strands of black yarn and tied them with a knot in the middle.
  2. Sew each set using a knot on the doll’s forehead.
  3. Make braids
  4. Sew the braids on the back of the head.


I painted the eyes, mouth and facial hair with fabric markers. These markers are brilliant and a great help 😉.


I made the helmet from a Styrofoam egg. First, I cut off the top of the egg, then hollowed out the center and cut a hole in place of the glass. Finally, my daughters and I painted the helmet black. Later it turned out that in the final race of the 2022 season, Lewis Hamilton wore a rainbow helmet, so we repainted it a bit and added sponsors’ signs 🙂

The Lewis Hamilton doll is ready!

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