Harry Potter doll DIY

Harry Potter fabric doll for the UNICEF charity auction

My daughter’s school takes part in the UNICEF All Colors of the World campaign. Our family contribution is the Harry Potter fabric doll, which we made together with my daughters. The money from the auction are for buying vaccines for children in Africa. In the current situation, perhaps another action for children from Ukraine will be organized 💛💙.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Lalka Harry Potter na charytatywną akcję UNICEF

Harry Potter doll

All you need to make the Harry Potter fabric doll

Doll’s body

  • Natural cotton fabric – It looks natural, it is neutral to the touch and you can draw on it pens for fabric.
  • Silicone ball – to fill in the doll
  • Sewing supplies – needle, threads, scissors.
  • Black felt – I used it for legs and for hair 😉.
  • Textile markers – it is a great help when creating face elements.
  • Sewing pattern – I tried to use the UNICEF template, but the doll came out very broad, so I cut my hands and sewed new ones slimmer and sewn them to the body 😁.

After Harry Potter doll, I made a few more dolls and worked out my own pattern. A neat rag doll comes out of it 🙂 Just remember to sew the hands diagonally, hence that is not marked on the pattern.

Doll accessories

When it comes to accessories for dolls, everything can be useful, especially small children’s clothes. In the case of our Harry Potter doll, I used:

  • A pair of baby gloves – for a sweater
  • Yellow and red thread – for a sweater hem
  • Yellow and red yarn – for the Gryffindor scarf
  • Small knitting hoop – for the Gryffindor scarf
  • Black and brown pipe cleaners – for glasses and wand
  • A tiny bottle – for the Felix Felicis elixir
  • Screw with a loop – for the Felix Felicis elixir
  • String – for the Felix Felicis elixir

This is how my desk looked liked after several days of making the Harry Potter doll 😀

Artistic disorder

How to make a fabric doll?

The first step is to prepare the pattern. I started with a pattern from UNICEF. I changed it right away and made the legs separately. I wanted them to be black, so that I don’t need to make additional pants.

Additionally, after sewing, the doll turned out to be very broad, so I decided to cut off the hands, make them separately and then sew them on. I think Harry looks better thanks to this treatment 😁.

In the next step, I stuffed the doll with a silicone ball and sewed black legs.


I cut the hair out of black felt, leaving a special place for lightning. I sewed the felt to the doll’s head.


I painted the eyes, lips and the the lightning on Harry Potter’s forehead with textile markers. These markers are great 😉.

Glasses and wand

I made the glasses and the wand from pipe cleaners. To get round glasses, I bent the black wires on the lipstick 😁. I pressed the tips of the glasses under my hair. However, I made a loop in the wand so that it would hold on Harry’s hands.

Harry Potter doll and Gryffindor sweater

I made a sweater from baby gloves. I cut the tips of my fingers and sewed yellow and red thread. Then I cut my thumb off the second glove and sew it to the first one. There are some imperfections, but Harry skillfully hides them with his scarf 😁.

Gryffindor scarf

The red and yellow Gryffindor scarf is my favorite Harry Potter piece. It turns out that using a mini knitting hoop is quite simple. The daughter received such a small hoop as a reward for her lapbook about Maria Skłodowska-Curie..

I am completely new to the knitting hoop and couldn’t even understand the instructions in the kids kit, but after watching this video I finally succeeded 🙂

Felix Felicis potion

I made the pendant with the elixir of happiness from a small bottle with a stopper, a screw with a loop and a golden string. We poured honey inside. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Felix Felicis potion

Harry Potter fabric doll

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