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How to make a fabric doll?

After Harry Potter I got into sewing dolls. With each new one I acquire new experiences, and the joy of children gives me wings. A personalized fabric doll is a great gift idea😁. In this post I will show you how to make a fabric doll.

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All you need to make a fabric doll

Doll’s body

  • Natural cotton fabric – It looks natural, it is neutral to the touch and you can draw on it pens for fabric.
  • Silicone ball – to fill in the doll
  • Sewing supplies – needle, threads, scissors.
  • Textile markers – it is a great help when creating face elements.
  • Synthetic hair or yarn – I made the first doll with yarn hair. In the next one, I accidentally found synthetic hair and decided to give it a try. It turned out really nice, so I keep on using the synthetic hair.
  • Sewing pattern

After Harry Potter doll, I made a few more dolls and worked out my own pattern. A neat rag doll comes out of it 🙂 Just remember to sew the hands diagonally, hence that is not marked on the pattern.

Doll accessories

When it comes to accessories for dolls, everything can be useful, especially small children’s clothes. So far I used:

  • Swimsuit
  • Dress
  • Hairdressing apron
  • Star sequins
  • Star-shaped application
  • Bracelet made of rubber bands
  • Beaded bracelet
  • Colored synthetic hair for braids
  • A tiny bottle, glitter, screw with a loop and a gold string – for the glitter bottle

Here is an example of how I converted a swimsuit into a dress and accessories for a doll:

How to make a fabric doll?

Doll’s body

  1. The first step is to print the pattern and draw it on the fabric.
  2. Then sew and leave a gap on the side of the torso.
  3. Fold it over.
  4. Stuff with a silicone ball.
  5. Similarly sew and stuff arms.
  6. Attach the arms diagonally to the body.
  7. Sew the side of the doll with the blind stitch.


I made the first doll with yarn hair. I sewed two tufts on the head and made a braid. Unfortunately, this was not enough and when the braid rises, the doll is bald on the back of the head, so more tufts need to be sewn on.

With another doll, I accidentally found synthetic hair and decided to try it out. It turned out really nice, so the next doll is already with synthetic hair.


With the first doll, I embroidered the eyes and mouth. It was quite difficult and time-consuming, so for the next dolls I decided to paint the face with textile markers, which is a brilliant thing 😉.

And finally the obligatory ruddy cheeks 🙂

My fabric dolls

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