Pretzel knot pillow

I have been watching lots of photos with knot pillows on the internet before I created my own one. It was tough to decide which one of binding methods choose. Finally, the choice fell on pretzel. It can be used as a decorative pillow or as a baby sitting pad while playing on the floor 🙂. I invite you to a step-by-step tutorial on how my pretzel knot pillow is made. There is plenty of work, but satisfaction guaranteed 😊

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You’ll need

  • 0,5 m of wide looped back french terry with approximately 2 m width
  • Sillicone balls for filling

How to sew it

  • In the first step, cut out of 2 m wide material three strips of 15 cm each.
  • Sew a strip of 6 m material in order to obtain a tunnel. Tie a knot at one end.
  • Now the most difficult 🙂 and certainly the most labor-intensive – filling the tunnel with a silicone balls. This step required a lot of patience from me. Useful will be: a tube (f.e. from the vacuum cleaner) and a stick (for example from a brush).
  • First, wind the entire tunnel on the tube, and then gradually fill with a silicone balls using a stick.
  • And finally, the icing on the cake, i.e. tying a pretzel from a knitted snake 😉 Follow the instruction.
Know pillow - step by step instruction
  • The pretzel knot pillow is ready!

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