Ghost tutu costume

Cute ghost tutu costume

Easy to make cute ghost costume based on a tutu skirt. This ghost costume is perfect for a little girl for a Halloween party.

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  • Tulle in colors: white, gray, black
  • Elastic band
  • Black ribbon with white polka dots
  • White t-shirt
  • Black felt or black fabric paint

Making a tutu skirt

The basis of this costume is a white, grey and a black tutu skirt. The instruction how to make the tutu skirt can be found here. I enriched the tulle with black ribbons with white polka dots.

Making a t-shirt with a cute ghost face

You need a white t-shirt and black felt or black paint for fabrics.
I used the ghost template found here.

You can print the template or copy the template your computer screen. To do so just put the paper on the screen and copy the boundaries with a soft pencil.
If you are using the paint for fabrics, cut holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Then paint with black paint and let it dry. After the paint has dried, it is still necessary to fix the picture by ironing it. Read the instructions on the paint before.
If you choose black felt, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth patterns. Then draw them on the felt and cut the felt shapes. Finally, sew them to a t-shirt.

Additionally, I decorated the t-shirt with ribbon bows and made a hair bow. Beloved Winnie the Pooh also received his ribbon 🙂

The ghost tutu costume is ready. We wish your kid a great Halloween party.

Ghost tutu costume

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