Ruffled long sleeve tshirt for a girl

I like ruffled tshirts very much. They don’t disturb, when the child is crawling so they are more comfortable than dresses for a little girl and they are charming at the same time :). Having it at the back of my mind I’ve tried my luck in sewing that kind of thirt. To achieve my goal I used free sewing pattern for simple thirt from Brindille&Twig. It is necessery to cut this pattern and add ruffle to get the final result. Below you can find a step-by-step tutorial how to make such a girlish tshirt.

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You’ll need

  • Free sewing pattern for thirt from Brindille&Twig
  • smooth single jersey – quantity depends on chosen size, the author of the sewing pattern indicates below proportions:
    • 0.5 m for sizes below 110,
    • 0.75 m for all remaining sizes.
  • 30 cm of printed pattern single jersey for heart and ruffle,
  • 10 cm of ribbed knit fabric.

How to sew the top of the tshirt?

  • Firstly print and tape all pattern sheets together. Then trace contours of chosen size on transparent paper (mine is size 92, long sleeve). Seam allowance is already added (0,6 cm).
  • It is necessery to shorten bottom of the pattern for front and back side of the tshirt to have space for ruffle. I reserved 10 cm.
  • After that pin obtained pattern to the fabric and cut. You’ll need one piece for the front side, one piece for the back side and two pieces for sleeves. Except that cut the heart from printed pattern single jersey (prepare paper pattern earlier).
  • Sew front side of the tshirt and the heart together using double needle and elastic stitch.
  • In the next step fold up the bottom of each sleeve and sew using double needle.
  • Than fold up front and back pieces of the tshirt right sides together. Pin it and sew edges in shoulder line.
  • In the next step unfold sewed piece and lay it right side down. Pin the sleeves as shown in the picture below and sew.
  • Pin and sew inside part of the sleeves and and further to the bottom of the tshirt according to the picture below.

How to sew the ruffle?

  • Firstly cut two rectangles from the printed pattern single jersey with 25 cm length and width equal to double length of the bottom edge of the tshirt. You can increase or decrease this coefficient depending on the amount of ruffling you want to achieve.
  • Secondly fold up the bottom of each rectangle and sew using double needle.
  • Ruffles are made the way described on the blog dresó (for polish speaking readers). I sewed each of the pieces twice using single needle leaving the space equal to the width of presser foot. I tied a knot on one side and then pulled the threads from the other. That way I ruffled the fabric within the width of the bottom of the tshirt. After ruffling I tied a knot.
  • In the next step fold up both of the ruffled rectangles right sides together and sew side edges.

How to join tshirt with ruffle?

  • At the end pin and sew the top edge of the ruffle and the bottom of the tshirt. Remember that fabrics should be folded up right sides together and seams on edges should overlap.
  • In the last step covers sewing neckline ribbing in. The length of the ribbing is equal to the length of the neckline multiplied by 0,75. The width of the ribbing equals 4,5 cm. Cut rectangle with those dimentions from the fabric and sew the edge to achieve closed circuit.
  • Fold ribbing in half right sides together. Pin it to the neckline and sew. Girlish ruffled long sleeve tshirt is done! 🙂

Below you can find few pictures how this cute tshirt looks on a little model 🙂

If you have any questions about the pattern, sewing, fabrics etc. or you want to share your opinion I would like to invite you to comment this post. I’m also eager to reply on your private message so feel free to write to me! 🙂

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