Colors and shapes matching

For kids: colors and shapes matching 2

The second edition of colors and shapes matching game for kids, that is inspired with the Montessori method (first edition in here). This time the preparation phase requires a little more commitment from parents. Game is designed for children of 3-4 years.

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The game is to match sticks with colorful figures with the template. On each stick there are 3 shapes in different colors. The child’s task is to arrange all the sticks in the appropriate places on the template.

I prepared 2 versions with varying degrees of difficulty: in version I there are only circles in different colors, in version II there are squares, triangles and circles in different colors.

Colors and shapes matching game preparation

Download and print the version of the game that you are interested in, preferably all 🙂

On the second page there are circles and other figures, cut them out on the dashed lines.

Supplies - colors and shapes matching

Glue the cut circles and figures on the ice cream sticks. It is important that they are exactly in the same places as on the template. Place the stick to the template and glue the figures in the right places. You can do this together with your kiddos so that they can participate in the creation of the game.

Preparation of colors and shapes matching

The set is ready to play matching colors and shapes game.

Preparation of colors and shapes matching

Explain to your child what the task is and let him or her play with combinations 🙂

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