Manipulation box

For kids: manipulation box with screw caps

The manipulation box with screw caps is a real treat for the Montessori method fans and Zero Waste fans. A learning toy for kids made of waste. Very easy to make. It can be made together with kiddos, which is the important aspect in the development of the Montessori method. For children from 1 to 6 years.

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The collection of supplies takes a little more time than usual, because you have to collect bottles and packages of various shapes. The more sizes and colors of the caps the better, there will be more fun and combinations.

  • Packaging with caps. I had 15 pieces of packaging after: water, milk, shampoo, vitamins, peanut butter, squeezed fruit desserts, floor cleaner.
  • Cardboard box. The size of the box depends on the number of caps, I had to switch for a bigger one in the meantime.
  • Duck tape. I have a color duck tape, but it can also be traditional silver one, I used a whole roll.
  • Scissors, knife, pruning shears. It depends on what packaging you will have to face, the thicker the plastic the greater the challenge in cutting off the upper part.
Supplies for manipulation box

Making of manipulation box

Start with packaging preparation. The upper part of the packaging must be cut off. Cut about 0,5’’ more than it should be on the box, because additional part will be used for mounting.

Once you have cut off the top, cut the package around to a depth of about 0,5’’ to create a flat part for sticking. Draw all the tabs by pressing the bottle to the floor. Finally, manually bend the more resistant ones, so that the ending is quite self-contained.

When all the tips are ready, you can proceed to assembling them on the box. To do this, stick the base of the bottles with duck tape. Make sure that the base is tightly sealed so that no sharp pieces of plastic stick out. It does not have to be beautiful, but it should be solid and safe.

The manipulation box is ready! Now let your kid have fun.

If you are looking for more inspiration for DIY with children you can find it in our Kids section in others or Montessori.

Manipulation box

Inspiration found on Instagram.

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