The crown – about headband sewing for a little boy

You can find lots of headbands for a girl inspirations on the Internet. There are a headbands with a bow, knot headbands, turban headbands… You can discover little choice when searching for a boy’s headbands’ inspirations. I found very interested one on the Pinterest! The crown headband does not only look cool but it is also very “up to date” idea 😉 And that is how I already have a “prince” at home. 😂

What you’ll need to sew a crown headband?

  • rectangular strip of looped back french terry or single jersey with dimensions: height – 24 cm and width equal to the circumference of the child’s head
  • optional – fleece for lining the top. The looped back french terry is quite stiff and looks good without interlining, in the case of jersey I suggest lining the top with fleece
  • very helpful videotutorial

The crown headband – how to sew?

Firstly, I cut a rectangle measuring 24×46 cm (46 cm is the circumference of my son’s head). Then on A4 sheet I drew a top of the crown, which consists of triangles with a height of 3 cm and a base of 6.4 cm. I wanted to get 7 triangles. That is why I calculated the length of their base as follows: (46-1) / 7 = 6.4 cm.

Fold the fabrics on half along the shorter edge, right sides together. Pin the template with the top of the crown and cut.

In the next step sew the top of the crown using zigzag stitch. It is very important to trim the excess of the fabrics very close to the seam after sewing. Make notches in the teeth cavities. All those steps are done so that when turned right side out the teeth of the crown are nicely arranged. Trimming the excess of the fabric is nicely presented here.

After turning right side out I connected both ends of the crown. I did it partly using the sewing machine and partly manually using ladder (invisible) stitch. The crown is ready to wear 😉 this headband is perfect for spring days.

The crown
The crown
The crown

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