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Rattle drum DIY out of tape roll and chopstick

When I told my kids that today we were doing the drum they were full of enthusiasm. However, when I took out the tape roll and chopsticks, they began to look at me suspiciously. I did not reveal the details of the plan, hence they tried to guess how they would play our drum. The effect surprised them and the rattle drum DIY quickly went into motion. It soon turned out that we needed one more rattle drum, that is why we also made the version with a transparent membrane.


  • Roll after packing tape
  • Chopsticks
  • Wooden balls
  • Wooden beads for decorations
  • Twine
  • Carton or thin plexiglass (e.g. window from a box)
  • Color duct tapes or washi tapes for decoration
  • Hot glue
  • Penknife
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
Supplies for making the rattle drum

How to make Rattle drum DIY

It is best to start work by making holes in the roll. You need a hole for the chopstick that will serve as a drum handle. The next two holes on the sides are for strings with balls.

I cut the hole for the chopstick with a construction knife. Be careful that it is not too big and the chopstick barely enters it. Then insert the stick and additionally glue with hot glue.

Cutting holes in a roll
Hole cut in tape roll
Attached chopstick in roll
Attaching chopstick in a roll

I made holes for the string with a small screwdriver. It’s not easy to break through the thick roll.

Making holes for a thread

I put the strings on both sides of the roll and attached a small bead from the inside. You can also make a large knot.

Preparation of strings with balls
Preparation of strings with balls

I used one string for the transparent rattle drum and threaded colorful beads over it to make it even more attractive. From the outside I fastened the string with knots.

Beads for drum interior
Inn r part of a rattle drum

The next step is to prepare the sides of the rattle drum, i.e. the membrane. It can be made of cardboard or a piece of thin plexiglas. I used a transparent piece of a box with window.

Draw a roll on the cardboard, draw on the pleats and cut out.

Preparation of the drum's membrane
Preparation of the drum's membrane

Put cardboard circles on the sides of the roll and glue the tabs to the roll. It does not have to be very nice, because in the next step we will decorate the sides of the rattle drum.

Sticking on the drum's membrane

Outside tie wooden balls. Measure the length of the string so that the bead reaches inside the drum. It is also important that the strings on both sides have the same length, so that the rattle drum is easier to set in harmonic motion.

Attaching balls

The last phase is the coolest and most attractive for kids, it’s of course about decorating the rattle drum. We used color duct tape and put stripes ob the drum side.

Sticking the drum's membrane
Rattle drum

Rattle drum DIY is ready, now you just set the balls in motion and there will be a huge noise 🙂

Rattle drum DIY
Rattle drum DIY

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