Symbols of spirits from Frozen II

The symbols of spirits from Frozen II

My daughter is crazy about Frozen, so she was looking forward to the second part of the movie. Frozen II entered the cinemas just before Christmas, so when making Christmas decorations of clay, together with the girls I decided to create symbols of spirits from the latest Disney fairy tale. I used the description found here. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the second visit to the cinema (yes, we were twice) that I realized that some symbols are upside down. May the spirits forgive us 🙂

I invite you to make symbols of spirits of water, wind, fire and earth, which are inspired by the Frozen II movie.

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  • Self-hardening clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking paper
  • Knife
  • Straw
  • Skewer stick
  • Poster paints and glitter glue
  • Small brush
  • Scissors

Making of clay symbols

Making clay ornaments is very similar to making cookies. Roll out the clay into a half-centimeter thick plate. Better a little less than more. However, less than 3mm is not enough and ornaments break easily.

Rolling out the clay

Cut out the shape with a knife, it should be a diamond pattern. To make all 4 look the same, I used the first one as a template.

Preparation of shapes in clay
4 diamond shapes for 4 spirits symbols

With a skewer stick, make even grooves along the edges. Then model the pattern corresponding to the carvings in the symbols of spirits. Fire spirit symbol has an additional diamond inside the frame. While water spirit symbol has a drop and circle shape (mine is upside down). I’m not sure the remaining. However, I suppose that the symbol of the rising sun is probably the spirit of the earth. The last one with the trident and two circles is probably the spirit of the earth.

Frame along the edges
Making of spirit shapes
Making of spirit shapes

In each ornament make a hole with a straw. Dried clay is breaking easily, so do not make the hole to close to the edge.

Put all decorations in a safe place for about 24 hours, allowing them to dry completely.

Symbols of spirits

Painting and decorating

The next day you can start painting. I used poster paints and glitter glue.

Painting the clay ornaments
Adding some glitter glue

The symbols of spirits are ready. You can attach a string and hang them on the Christmas tree or give them to kids to play. They definitely got Elsa doll for Christmas.

Symbols of spirits from Frozen II

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