Amigurumi reindeer with a scarf

A little late, but finally done! The cute amigurumi reindeer galloped into the living room 😉 I began to crochet him at the beginning of December, but a number of events prevented me from finishing it before the due date. Fortunately, Christmas atmosphere will persist for the next few days yet, and amigurumi reindeer will perfectly blend in the Christmas home decorations. As usual, amigurumi mascot is also a great idea for a gift for a child. You can crochet him with a little flower too. Proposed scarf pattern it’s not the only one you can make. Remember, sky is the limit 😉

Amigurumi reindeer isn’t my first amigurumi mascot. Previous ones you can find under those links: tiny teddy bear, Jeremy cat and bunny.

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You’ll need

  • Free crochet pattern from Yulia Mayevska. [Update 2022] Now it is a paid pattern and you can get it on Etsy.
  • Yarn, mine: Alize Cotton Gold (55% cotton, 45% acrylic, 330 m / 100 g), color number: 152, 493 i 56
  • Hook 2,5 mm
  • Fiberfill
  • Safe eyes
  • A little bit of black yarn for nose

How to do it

Because of copyrights I can only share the link to free crochet pattern and the pictures of my reindeer. He is about 30 cm tall.


Body and legs

Ears (make 2)

Reindeer - ears

Hands (make 2)

Horns (make 2)

Reindeer - horns


Scarf was made based on this video. I crocheted 40 chains and 3 rounds.

Reindeer - scarf

Joining together

At the end join all of the elements together using knitting needle.