Llama from residues as a cuddly toy or decorative pillow

The story of this not-so-little cuddly llama toy began more than a month ago. Then I was inspired by photos on Pinterest. She kept going through my head ever since that time. And here she is, finally! Deep-yellow, finished with cotton fabrics with Łowicz folk patterns. An interesting fact is that, the lama was made from the remains of my blackout curtains. And while I honestly don’t recommend sewing cuddler from blackout fabrics, I suggest you to draw attention to this cuddly llama toy.

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You’ll need

  • 70 cm smooth fabrics, preferably cotton, jersey or looped back french terry
  • 30 cm printed pattern fabrics, preferably cotton
  • yarn for pompoms the color of the llama’s body
  • black embroidery floss
  • silicone balls fillings

How to sew it

  • First of all cut two pieces of llama’s body from the fabrics.
  • In the second step fold up those two pieces right sides together. Sew edges leaving the hole about 4-5 cm. Then turn it right side out through the hole.
  • Fill the llama’s body with silicone balls. Sew te whole using ladder stitch.
  • Fasten pompoms at the places of mane and tail. Click here to see the instructions how to make such pompoms.
  • In the next step using black embroidery floss sew llama’s eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Cut two pieces of llama’s saddle from printed pattern cotton fabrics. Fold them up right sides together leaving the hole about 3 cm. After sewing turn it right side out. Sew the hole using ladder stitch.
  • Use the printed pattern cotton fabrics to cut inner pieces of llama’s ears and smooth fabrics for outer pieces (the same as for the whole body).
  • Fold up those pieces right sides together. Sew them leaving small hole on the bottom. After that fold them right side out.
  • In the next step fold up the bottom of llama’s ears as presented on the pictures below. Sew it manually.
  • The saddle and llama’s ears sew to the llama’s body. That’s all! Your llama is ready to hug! It could be used as a cuddler for your child, pillow or decoration in kids (but not only!) room 🙂

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