Valentine's Day cards

3 ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day cards

While working on the heart garland I switched into romantic mood so that I immediately transited into Valentine’s Day cards. Additionally I wanted to use the colorful remains after cutting hearts for the garland. In this way I came up with 3 ideas for Valentine’s Day cards: hearts with a string inscription Love, from the remains after cutting hearts and pink camo. Which one do you like the most?

Supplies for Valentine’s Day cards

  • Baker’s twine
  • White and red cardboard
  • Heart-shaped paper punch
  • Glitter
  • Color duck tape
  • Glitter self-adhesive foil
  • Paper glue
  • Universal glue
  • Scissors
Supplies for Valentine's Day cards

How to make Valentine’s Day cards?

Card’s base

In all cards I used the last page of the drawing block as the base, this is a thick sheet in a gray-brown shade. I really like this material because it is minimalist and rustic at the same time. I also added a white center to each card because the red hearts looked better against a white background.

Preparation of hearts for Valentine’s Day cards

When making Valentine’s Day cards, I used hearts that I produced while creating the Valentine’s Day garland. Hence for details, I encourage you to visit the post about heart garland. There are tips on how to make glitter hearts, colored duck tape and self-adhesive foil hearts.

Idea 1 – Valentine’s Day card with hearts and string inscription Love

To make this version of the card, I used 4 different hearts and the baker’s twine. Each heart is different: glitter, from colorful duck tape, from self-adhesive foil and from red cardboard. I glued the hearts in a shape of a four-leaf clover.

I created the inscription Love from baker’s twine in white and red color. In bending points I glued it with universal glue.

Card with hearts
LOVE out of baker's twine
Valentine's Day cards

Idea 2 – Valentine’s Day card from waste after cutting hearts

This is a recycling version, which I am particularly proud of. After cutting out the hearts, colorful stripes were formed with evenly cut heart shapes. Although I had not planned it before.

I used 3 such strips and glued them on a square-shaped base. With the letter stamps I made the Love sign so that the card is more interesting.

Recyclable Valentine's Day card
Recyclable Valentine's Day card
Recyclable Valentine's Day card

What does this recycled card look like?

Recyclable Valentine's Day card

Idea 3 – pink camo card

To make the last card I used 3 hearts cut from colored duck tape, but this time I arranged them vertically. In addition, I covered the edges of the card with pink camo tape, thanks to which the card looks a bit wild 🙂

Pink camo Valentine's Day
Pink camo Valentine's Day

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