Heart garland for Valentine's Day

Heart garland for Valentine’s Day

Heart garland is a simple and effective decoration for Valentine’s Day. It can be a home decoration, photo background or an addition to a romantic dinner. It is easy to make and offers variety of materials to choose from. The heart-shaped paper punch is very helpful, but you can also deal with a pencil and scissors.

Supplies for heart garland

  • Twine
  • White and red cardboard
  • Heart-shaped paper punch
  • Glitter
  • Color duck tape
  • Glitter self-adhesive foil
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape
Supplies for heart garland for Valentine's Day

Hearts preparation

The first step is to prepare a large number of hearts. It may sound a bit of cliché but you are limited only by your imagination and materials. I decided on 3 techniques: glitter, colored duck tape and self-adhesive foil.

I cut all the hearts with the heart-shaped paper punch, but you can also create a template from cardboard, outline it on various materials and cut out with scissors.

Color hearts

Glitter hearts

The glitter I had was more orange than red. Therefore, after initial attempts to stick it on a white sheet, I switched to the red sheet of cardboard. First, I cut out my heart with the paper punch, then I spread the paper glue, and finally I sprinkled with glitter.

Glitter hearts

Hearts of colored duck tape and adhesive foil

I have a large supply of colorful duck tape, which is quite ungrateful in manual work. However, it is ideal for creating garlands. Stick it on the cardboard, and then cut out the desired shape. You can imagine my joy when it turned out that my hole punch can handle such a thickness.

Hearts out of color duck tape
Hearts out of color duck tape
Hearts out of glitter foil

How to make a heart garland?

Once you have prepared a lot of hearts, you can proceed to create a Valentine’s Day garland. Place the hearts backside and spread them at equal distances from each other, gently lay the string on them and stick with adhesive tape or hot glue.

Attaching hearts to the string

My garland consists of three parts, each with hearts in different shades of red. You can also mix colors and textures.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart garland for Valentine's Day
Heart garland for Valentine's Day
Heart garland for Valentine's Day

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