Crochet wall hanging – kids room decor

Crochet wall hangking was on my TO DO list for a very long time. I sighed at every one I saw on Pinterest. Finally, I found a moment to prepare my own project and to act. Wall hanging is very laborious and time-consuming, so I so be warned in advance that this is a project for the patient. It consists of many details, but in the end they are the ones that give the most charm.

Crochet wall hanging - cat

What do you need to do wall hanging?

  • Crochet pattern for flowers available here
  • Yarn, I used YarnArt Jeans in colors: green, white, red, powder pink, fuchsia, black
  • Hook, I used 2 mm but highly recommend to try with the bigger one, e.g. 3,5 mm
  • Stick
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Optional: small beads, gold spray to paint stick

mr – magic ring
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
ch – chain
st – stitch


I think you it is worth to consider using a thicker yarn like YarArt Jeans Plus to reduce the number of stitches. It took me a long time to crochet with YarArt Jeans. I was creating other things in parallel, but it seems that even for the patient person, sitting only on this one project will be a big challenge 🙂

Crochet wall hanging - template

The whole was made using half double crochet. After each finished row, chrochet additional chain and turn over.


I crocheted ears using pattern below. Then I sewed them to the background in such a way that they ‘stick out’. It creates a very interesting effect.

1: MR [6]
2: (sc, inc)*3 [9]
3: (2 sc, inc)*3 [12]
4: (5 sc, inc)*2 [14]
5: (6 sc, inc)*2 [16]
6: (7 sc, inc)*2 [18]
7: (8 sc, inc)*2 [20]
8: (9 sc, inc)*2 [22]
9: (10 sc, inc)*2 [24]
10: 24 sc [24]
11: (11 sc, inc)*2 [26]
12: 26 sc [26]


I used this crochet pattern. My biggest flowers was made of 41 chains and the smallest one was made of 21.

Crochet wall hanging - flowers

Details and final effect

Go to the forest for a walk to search for a stick. The stick will be used to hang crochet tapestry on it. I painted mine with gold spray. Besides, at the bottom I tied two tassels made of the same yarn as the whole tapestry and decorated them with wooden balls.

The eyes, nose and face are embroidered with yarn. The mustache is made by separating the black yarn into three thin threads. I stiffened them with Vicol glue.

The wall hanging can be attached to the stick by simply wrapping it with yarn. I crocheted two handles and then sewed them to the tapestry.

Crochet wall hanging - cat

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