Amigurumi Jeremy Cat as a gift for a child

Amigurumi again in my head 🙂 When two-year-old Wiktoria saw my first crochet bear I didn’t hear her squealing with delight. Instead, Wiki asked why this bear is not a cat and why it is so small actually. Well, there was no forgiveness 🙂 I dug into the Internet searching for a pattern to make a sweet crochet cat for my demanding little girl! Three days later she was hugging her new friend. And since the cat Jeremy, whom I knitted is about 55 cm tall, there is really something to cuddle 🙂

Such a mascot is a great handmade gift idea for a child on the occasion of the upcoming Secret Santa and Christmas. So I’m coming with instructions about making it. I invite you to take advantage of the free pattern and share photos of your works 🙂

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Kot Jeremy na szydełku – pomysł na prezent dla dziecka.

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What you’ll need?

  • Free crochet pattern from ludaorlov, I used English translation from Samyeli’nin Örgüleri.
  • Yarn: I used Himalaya Dolphin Baby (100% poliester, 100 g / 120 m), colours: 320 (buy two), 301 and 329 one of each
  • Hook 5 mm
  • Fiberfill
  • A little bit of black and pink yarn for embroidery nose and eyes (or buy safe eyes for mascots)
  • Lots of patience 🙂

Let’s do it!

  • First of all I crocheted two arms using grey, white and blue yarn.
  • Then I prepared a tail using only grey yarn.
  • After that I crocheted two legs and link them with a chain.
  • Now is the time for body and changing yarn colours. In the meantime attach tail and two arms.
  • In the next step I crocheted head.
  • Then I crocheted two ears and attached them to the head.
  • The author of this crochet pattern used safe eyes. For my cat I crocheted them using black yarn as follows:
  • 1: 6 SC in to mr [6]
    2: inc x 6 [12]
    3: (SC, inc) x 6 [18]
    Then fasten off and cut leaving a tail for sewing.
    As you can notice on below picture at this point the cat started to travel with us 🙂
  • Finally I crocheted a muzzle with nose and mouth.
  • At the end let me add that in original crochet pattern you can find a trousers and beret with pom pom. My two-year-old undress all of her dolls and mascots, so I skipped this step.

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