Pom pom bunnies

Pom pom bunnies

Another idea (after chicks) to use pom poms from yarn, here come pom pom bunnies. They are quite easy to make, charming and kids love them.

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  • Yarn in rabbit shades: gray, brown, white or cream
  • Pom pom maker or cardboard circles (depends on what method of making pom poms you choose)
  • Felt for ears – color depending on rabbit fur and pink for the center of the ears
  • Beads – 2 black for the eyes and 1 pink for the nose. If you do not have black, you can help yourself with black marker 🙂
  • Fishing line for bunny’s whiskers
  • White pom pom for the tail – you can buy one or make a quick pom pom on a fork
  • Glue – universal glue or hot glue
Supplies for pom pom bunnies

Making of pom pom bunnies

Prepare two pom poms to form bunny’s body. I used 2” and 3” pom poms. You can find the instructions for making pom poms here.

Pom poms for bunnies

Join the pom poms by tying them with threads that remained after making pom poms. Cut the threads.

Pom pom bunnies

Prepare bunnies’ ears. Cut the larger part in fur color and smaller pink center. The size and shape of the ears depend on your preferences. They can be pointed or rounded. You can also download the rabbit template and choose the ones that suit you the most.

Bunnies' ears preparation

Prepare the whiskers by dragging the fishing line through the pink bead, 3 pieces should be enough. Add a glue drop so that the whiskers do not fall out.

Glue the eyes, nose, ears and tail.

Pom pom bunnies are ready. Kids love them 🙂

Kids love pom pom bunnies

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