Colors and shapes matching game

For kids: Colors and shapes matching

I would like to share with you a colors and shapes matching game for preschoolers. It not only helps your kid to develop logical thinking skill but also should occupy your kiddos for some time, giving you a break. In addition, the preparation is limited to printing several pages and cutting out squares.

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This is colors and shapes matching game. Vertically placed there are shapes and horizontally there are colors. The child’s task is to complete the whole table so that the appropriate shape in the right color is at the intersection. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. By matching the printed squares to the appropriate places in the table
  2. By drawing and filling places in the table. Perfect for older kids, especially in the Easter version.

I prepared 3 version of different difficulty level.

Version 1

The easiest one is ideal for the youngest preschoolers and is also a good warm-up for older ones, and consists of matching basic shapes and colors.

Colors and shapes version 1

Version 2

In the next level there more complicated shapes.

Colors and shapes version 2

Version 3

The hardest thing is to “create” Easter eggs with 2 colors and different patterns.

Colors and shapes version 3


Download and print the version of the game that you are interested in, preferably all 🙂

On the second page there are squares, cut them out on the dashed lines.

Game preparation

Show your child how to fill in the table, ie for circle in the horizontal line and green color in the vertical line kid should put or draw a green circle.

The result should be as follows:

I wish that your kid would enjoy it and stay out of sight long enough for you to catch up with your staff 🙂

Second edition of colors and shapes matching game is available on the blog.

Colors and shapes matching

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