Headband for cold weather

Autumn is coming! So more and more often we will be accompanied by a headband :). After the African heat, a significant cooling came to us overnight. But we have a remedy 🙂 It’s too early for beanies, but on cooler (especially windy days) headbands will be perfect. Several of these headbands have already come off my crochet hook. In my opinion, the most interesting effect is obtained by using a colored yarn. Most often I mix 2-3 colored threads and magic happens :). In today’s post I will present a step-by-step tutorial describing the pattern for such an handband.

The headband can be made in two ways – by crocheting “around” like amigurumi toys or by crocheting the strip and sewing it to create a closed circuit. The latter method allows you to obtain less visible seam.

Another issue to concern is the thickness of the band is another issue to concern. Depending on what we prefer, we can use two or even three threads of yarn.

Headband – materials

  • Yarn, I used Jeans Crazy 8211, to buy here
  • Hook, 5 mm size
  • Yarn needle if headband will be sewed at the end
  • Scissors
Headband - materials

How to crochet headband?

First, make a chain with as many stitches that its length is equal to the circumference of the head. Please note that the number of stitches depends on many things. For example: the thickness of the yarn, the number of threads, the tightness of your stitches, etc.

An adult headband usually consists of approx. 80 stitches in YarnArt Jeans Crazy and two threads. I usually make the following rows with half double crochet turning back, if I make a band as a strip and sew it at the end. My bands are usually consists of 9-10 rows.

And that’s basically it. At the end I sew the headband if I’m not doing the “amigurumi” way.

Opaska - zszywanie

We have already worn headbands in the mountains and at the seaside, in Poland and abroad, and we can swear that they worked perfectly! 🙂

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